The Recite Me function installed on this website is free to use and helps you access all the information on our site.

To hear information read aloud to you, click on the Recite Me button (top right hand side of the page) the page and hover your cursor over the text (make sure your speakers are turned on, or headphones plugged  in and the volume isn't muted!). On smart phones and tablets simply touch the text you want read out aloud.
If you prefer to see a web page without pictures and adverts simply click on 'Toggle plain text'. Not only will this show you only the text from the web page, but you can also adjust the colours, font size and dimensions using the user interface on the right. Simply click the grey plus sign next to the section you want to access and further options will appear. To save your preferences just click the save button at the bottom. This will save your preferences on this computer so that Recite will remember your preferences every time you use the website.

You can also translate the text into a different language, simply click the grey plus next to the word language on the right. There is a dropdown menu where you can choose from 52 different languages. Once you've chosen just hover over a paragraph of text then click on translate in the popup box.