Recite Me
Monday, 18 April 2022 to Saturday, 18 June 2022

Show 1: Ice Worlds

Discover magnificent icy landscapes on Earth and beyond. 

Enjoy this award-winning new planetarium show with amazing visuals and lovely narration courtesy of actress Emily Watson. Travel to the Arctic and Antarctic to explore how icy ecosystems thrive and discover how their survival is closely connected with yours! Then, journey into space and be wowed by the ice worlds of our solar system. 

Show 2: Little Bear

An enchanting planetarium show especially for under 7s. 

Little Bear goes stargazing and finds many dot-to-dot animals including a whale, a swan and a lion. They keep on looking until they find a little bear, just like them, in the night sky. 

Set aside 20 minutes to take part!

Tickets available on the centre for life website!