Recite Me
Saturday, 6 August 2022

I'm getting in touch to let you know about an amazing performance happening at this year's SIRF (Stockton International Riverside Festival), Stomping Ground by Little Cog and Full Circle. 


Little Cog is a disabled-led theatre company who value the practices and voices of all disabled theatre practitioners equally, and Full Circle is an award winning independent theatre company of learning disabled theatre makers making critically acclaimed work.


Their latest production Stomping Ground, taking place at SIRF Fri 5 - Sat 6 Aug, 9.10pm, invites you into a lesser-seen world of lesser-told stories, revealing that the communities we create can be magical. The show has themes of the pandemic, isolation, staying connected, and triumph. 


You can find out more about how to book free tickets, and see all access information here: