Recite Me

Step 1: Locating The App Store

  • Apple phones: Go on homescreen, locate the App Store App (Blue Icon)
  • Androids phones: Go on homescreen, locate the Google Play App (Play Button Icon) 

Step 2: Downloading WhatsApp

  1. After tapping on the App, use the search bar (top of the page) and search WhatsApp
  2. Then tap on the install button to download WhatsApp

Don't worry it's free!! 

Step 3: Setting up WhatsApp

  1. Once installed, tap the app and the set up screen will appear
  2. Follow the instructions that WhatsApp requests
  3. It will ask you to agree to the terms and conditions, and ask for your mobile phone number

Step 4: Creating a Profile 

  • Then you get to create a profile!
  • You'll need to include your name and a profile picture so your friends and family can recognise you!

Step 5: Getting Started 

Now that your all set up, let's get you started!

  1. Firstly, all your mobile phone contacts will also be your contacts on WhatsApp
  2. To look at your contacts click the message button and they should all appear

Step 6: Sending a Message 

  1. To send a message go on your contact list and tap on the person you want to message
  2. Then use the text box to type a message and click send!

Step 7: Sending a Photo/Voice Note

  1. You can use the microphone button to send a voice recording or the camera to send a photo.
  2. Use the Emoji button (smiley face) to send emojis/reactions

Step 8: Phone Calls

  1. To make a call tap the CALLS button
  2. Then tap the green phone button
  3. Then select the contact that you wish to call!

Step 9: Video Calls

  1. To make a video call is the same as making a phone call
  2. Instead of tapping the phone button tap the video button instead on the contact you'd like to video call

Step 10: Features of Video Calls 

  • The red phone means to end the call
  • The microphone is to mute yourself
  • The camera button is to switch to your rear camera

Step 11: Receiving Phone/Video Calls

When some calls/video calls you can either...

  • Receive the call by swiping up on the video
  • Reject the call by tapping the red button...
  • Send a message instead by tapping the message button

Step 12: Group Chats 

You can also create group chats!

  1. First tap on the green message button
  2. Then tap on new group icon at the top of the page

Step 13: Creating a Group Chat

  1. Then tap on the contacts you like to add.
  2. After you can type a group name and add a profile picture
  3. Tap the green button once your done and your group will be created

Step 14: Useful links

Below are some useful links if your still stuck: use-whatsapp-1097088/


Click on the attached file below for more information!