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31st March 2020 News and Keeping Well Tips

The Government and NHS are giving us information on the news everyday. We want to help you get the right information, so we will give you the big messages here. 

Big messages today:

The Government has already supported a lot of people who were abroad to get back home.  They now have a new arrangement with  Airlines to help those people who are still struggling to get back home.

The ‘Stay Home’ rules are starting to make a difference.  There is lots of evidence that the amount of contact people are having has reduced.  This means the spread of the virus is likely to be slowed.  We need to keep to these rules until the Government says otherwise.  

22,141 people have tested positive for Coronavirus and there has been 1,408 deaths.

The main symptoms for self isolation remain a new persistent cough and a fever.  

Keeping well tip

• Adjust to the new pace of life, take things slowly while you can

• Tune into a different Radio Channel or podcast