Recite Me

Firecracker films Scotland are  currently looking for people to take part in their series – ideally couples, families, friends and business partners – anyone whose relationships are being impacted by money matters, and who would love the opportunity to have some help with their finances.

This will be a family-friendly show dealing with the money dilemmas faced by people of all different levels of wealth – For example, it could be grandparents facing inheritance issues, couples dipping into pension pots, parents and children needing to budget better or close down the bank of mum and dad. We’ll also be dealing with debt and a whole host of other financial issues brought to us by our contributors.

Firecracker's team of experts will work with contributors to offer advice, solutions, hints and tips to make their money work better for them - and for the audience watching.

Applicants must be over 18. Any information you provide will be held in strict confidence in line with our
Privacy Policy. For more information about how we use personal information, see

Have you maxed out your credit cards?

Are you living a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget?

Is your company in financial crisis?

Or maybe you've gambled away your savings?

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We’ve got a team of financial experts waiting to help get
YOU back on the road to financial freedom.