Please have a look at these posters as a guide to staying safe and using face coverings on public transport.
This is a short video about how to keep safe when you are out and about. The film is created in partnership with the Twisting Ducks and Friends Action North East. Click on...
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Information about keeping safe online
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Better Days are a Newcastle based group who's goal is to make it easier for people with learning disabilities to go out and about in Newcastle. They have release a...
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This easy-read paper is about adults who might be at risk from abuse or not getting the right care or support. It tells you about the Government’s plan ...
A practical guide to staying safe on line produced by Age UK
Tips from Dimensions about staying safe on the internet
This report is about when disabled people are treated very badly by other people.
Details of safe places you can visit if you want help to contact Northumbria Police or report a crime.