Please find attached our latest flyer advertising our Easy Information Service. As you will see our customer base, the range of positive comments from satisfied customers and the amount of commissions we receive continues to grow.

We feel this is down to;

  •         The quality of the work, include making a huge efforts to find, make or combine images to match the text
  •         The speed of our turnaround (if we need to work in the evening and at the weekend to meet your deadlines then we are happy to do this!)
  •         The skills of our self-advocates
  •         Our agreement to amend all work until you are completely satisfied
  •         Our ability to handle both complex and very emotional work
  •         Our sensible pricing

So please take a minute or two to read our flyer and don’t hesitate to contact me if we can help you with any of your ‘easy information needs’;

Skills for People on 0191 281 8737