STOMP is a project in England to stop the over use of psychotropic medicines.

These medicines are used to treat mental health conditions. Sometimes they are also given to people because their behaviour is seen as challenging.

People with a learning disability, autism or both are more likely to be given these medicines than other people.

These medicines are right for some people. They can help people stay safe and well. Sometimes there are other ways of helping people so they need less medicine, or none at all.

STOMP is about everyone working together to make sure people get the right medicine when they need it.

It is also about making sure that people get the other support they need. This might mean they are less likely to need this sort of medicine.

STOMP is about helping people to stay well and have a good quality of life.

For further information, please download the attached PDF document by NHS England, which covers topics including types of medication, looking after yourself, supporting others, case studies and further reading.

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