What can they offer support with? (For example – housing, debt, social opportunities)

  • Diagnose adults who are thought to have autism


Who can use the service?

  • Adult who have difficulty with change
  • Adults who display lack of social connection
  • People over 18 years of age


Details of what the service does or provides.

The service is available in Newcastle, North Tyneside, Northumberland, Sunderland, South Tyneside and Gateshead.

This is an open referral system, meaning anyone can refer themselves or other people.

An initial assessment/interview will be carried out with two professionals. The assessments are at locations around the region. The assessment will be carried out at a place that is convenient for you and for the people who will be carrying out the assessment. Directions will be sent with appointment information.


We encourage people to bring someone with them (perhaps a parent) who can tell us about their early childhood.  This is important to collect the information about early developmental milestones.  We are also happy for you to bring a friend/partner for moral support and to provide us with an outside view of how you cope.


It would also be helpful if you could bring with you any school or medical reports you feel may be relevant.


Contact details

Autism Diagnostic Services Adult Neurodevelopmental Services

 Keegan Court


Gateshead NE10 8DX

Telephone: 0191 287 6250


When is it available?

Monday-Friday 9 am -5 pm