Plan B

This workshop is about planning ahead and being prepared when going out with friends, whether you can do this independently or with support


  • Being aware of the problems someone might encounter when going out and having a back up plan if things do go wrong.
  • Taking responsibility for personal safety and putting together a safety checklist to help with future planning.
  • How to be more independent (or interdependent) and involved in planning social activities, regardless of the level of support required.
  • Building friendship skills and confidence around going out and trying new things with friends.


It’s for anyone who wants to:

  • Gain some useful tips and practical resources to help get out and about safely with friends.
  • Feel more in control when planning their social life.
  • Build skills and confidence to overcome problems when going out with friends.


Prices per session: £65 per person
Minimum 6, maximum 10 people per group.

Please get in touch to talk to us about tailoring the sessions to meet organisational or individual needs and budgets. A discounted rate is available to registered charities.

Please note prices do not include trainer expenses e.g. venue hire, travel etc.


The Plan B game is a fun and interactive training resource designed to explore all the possible problems and solutions that we might encounter when getting out and about with friends.

Set in a fictional town on a large-scale, beautifully illustrated game board Plan B takes players through a range of scenarios and events based on the real-life experiences of the people we support. It provides lots of opportunities for lively discussion and exploration around overcoming the trials and tribulations of getting out with friends and is a great tool for learning about personal safety, making choices and planning ahead.

We have tested Plan B with several groups of adults with a range of additional needs and had great feedback from service users, support staff and professionals alike.

Get in touch to find out more about the Plan B game and any of the other training sessions we offer.