Friends Action North East has a strong team of volunteers which make the work Friends Action North East do possible.

Find out what they have been up to by checking out our blog. https://friendmeblog.wordpress.com/

Please can all volunteers fill the Meet up form each time when you have arranged a meet with friendship finders.

We have a range of different volunteer opportunities. They are as follows:

Friendship Mentor

We are looking for volunteers who could offer a couple of hours a week to support someone with a learning disability and/or autism enrolled onto the friendship programme (friendship finder) to help build and maintain friendships, get more involved in new activities to meet new friends and offer support in developing friendship skills to keep friendships e.g. planning, confidence, travel etc.

Digital Volunteers

Supporting all aspects of IT from data input, social media to campaigning for digital inclusion for people with learning disabilities and/or autism. This role can be made to tailor people's own time, commitment and expertise. A suitable volunteer can work either home or the office or mixture of both.

Group Support

Supporting people to try and develop independence skills in group environments. All groups are open to people on our programme and their guests. The ideal candidate for this role will be supporting people to do things on their own and encourage people to become more independent at running groups and meet up with people on their own. Groups usually run once a month so this role is ideal for someone who would like to volunteer a couple of hours a month. We already have groups from a Meet and Mooch Saturday social, a Get Out there Group (which reviews venues), an Arts group (meets at Ouseburn Farm), a Film group and a sports groups. This opportunity would also be good for anyone who has skills in a particular area and might like to lead a group e.g. If you a dance instructor you could run a dance group etc. This could be an opportunity to develop your skills teaching in an informal environment. 

Digital Inclusion Adviser

This role will make huge impact on the lives of people with learning and physical disabilities. We have already as an organisation seen how digital media has supported people to become less isolated and more involved in the community. Our digital inclusion adviser role will be directly involved in how we can improve digital opportunities, tools and resources, as well as directly involved in shaping policy and possibilities regionally. 

Senior Friendship Mentor

To support on a 1-2-1 (about 2 hours per week/fortnight for a year) someone with a learning disability and/or autism to develop their friendship skills and practice the skills required to go out with their friends in their local community. This role also includes supporting other volunteers offering advice/guidance and sharing good practice. 

In return we offer all volunteers a fantastic training program and lots of social opportunities. We also offer full cost of any volunteering activities and travel in line with our volunteer procedures.

If you would like to know more about volunteering please contact Lucie, our volunteer coordinator, on 0191 2314327 or email keelie@friendsaction.co.uk or read our Volunteers Brochure